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The Porcupine Prince

Written by Tom Haviv
Illustrated by Yanfush aka Inbar Algazi

The Porcupine Prince and his fellow porcupines share a problem: they are just too spiny to get close to each other. And when the Prince finally tries to tell his family how lonely he feels, they can’t quite seem to hear him. To find the closeness he craves, the Prince must journey beyond the orderly and familiar Porcupine Empire and into the wet, wandering wilderness, where an unlikely friendship with some slippery salamanders helps him to discover his soft side—and to share that softness with his prickly family. The Porcupine Prince is a surreal fable about the magic of friendship and the joy of connection.

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by Tom Haviv
Illustrated by Sibba Hartunian

A story about two brilliant girls named Phyla and Lyla who live in a town where everyone’s hair is braided together. Their stories are interwoven: each story starts at one side of the book, and both stories meet at the book’s center page.

Lyla’s and Phyla’s stories reflect the vastly different ways of navigating a highly connected society. This book is an exploration of how young people can fundamentally transform society by following their unique gifts and sensitivities to the difficulties & complexities around them, no matter what path that takes. Woven poignantly communicates there is not one path to transforming the world, and, perhaps, the paths that seem so opposed are actually connected.

With vibrant illustrations by Sibba Hartunian and a unique concept that addresses ideas of both community and independence, Woven reminds us that no matter how alone we might feel, all of our stories are interconnected.